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Manufacturing Quality Wire Products

Northwire fencing supplies

All our wire products are manufactured from high quality materials, from which we manufacture only high quality products. Our range is extensive which means we can provide all your wire products. We have earnt a reputation as manufacturers of quality wire products and guarantee all our products.

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About Northwire

Northwire Pty Ltd (Northside Chainwire) is an Australian Company manufacturing and wholesaling quality wire products in Brendale, north of Brisbane, Australia.

Since the 1980's we have manufactured wire fencing products for industrial and domestic applications, and the rural sector Australia wide.

Our Fencing Products

Chainwire Products

Chainwire, or chain link, is a woven wire fabric is manufactured in our factory.  Chainwire has many uses including domestic, industrial, commercial, prisons, tennis courts, sporting enclosures and storage enclosures. Our chainwire is manufactured in heights from 600mm to 4000mm high and standard diamond sizes including 25mm, 50mm and 60mm.  Other diamond sizes can be manufactured on request. Wire sizes are 2.5mm and 3.15mm and can be standard or heavy galvanized, PVC coated or Zalcote.

Barbed Wire Products

We manufacture 2 styles of barbed wire, High Tensile and Iowa pattern.  Both types are produced on our own designed and manufactured, highly advanced and efficient machines.  The finished products have superior strength, durability and high quality. Both our products are easily recognizable with the barbed wire wound on to our unique black plastic spools.

High Tensile – Available in standard and heavy galvanized 1.57mm wire and heavy galvanized 1.8mm. Manufactured with a reverse twist pattern for tension and strength and 100mm barb spacing.

Iowa – Available in standard galvanized 2.5mm wire. A heavy duty barbed wire manufactured from soft galvanized wire with 115mm barb spacing.

Hinge Joint Products

Also manufactured in our factory, Hinge Joint is a knotted wire fabric for rural environments.  All horizontal wires have tension crimps to withstand livestock by allowing the Hinge Joint to spring back into position. Vertical wires are spaced either 150mm or 300mm apart. Knots are tightly wound with no sharp protruding wires to injure livestock.  Click here to download the Hinje Joint Configuration sheet.

2.5mm Hinge Joint is manufactured with medium tensile standard galvanized horizontal wires. Vertical wires are 2.5mm standard galvanized soft wire. Various sizes are manufactured with 6,7, 8 or 11 horizontal wires in heights including 700mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1150mm and 1420mm high.

2.0mm Hinge Joint is manufactured with high tensile standard galvanized horizontal wires. Vertical wires are 2.0mm standard galvanized soft wire. Various sizes are manufactured with 8 horizontal wires and either 900mm or 1150mm high.  We also manufacture our own unique “Wild Dog” Hinge Joint with 10 horizontal wires which is 1200mm high.